ModelBuilder SQL Expression Using Inline Variable %Value% for OD Cost Matrix

10-27-2020 05:49 PM
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Hello GeoNet Community,

I originally posted a related question (Does anyone have experience with OD Cost Matrix and Iterate in ModelBuilder?) back in May. I eventually figured out the problem, but since then we had our computers replaced and I lost the model and cannot figure out how I made it work last time. This is my model:

The problem is with the expression to select Unique ID for Origins.

The OUSEQID is the common field between the Origin and Destination. It is a string field, that is why I have quotations around the %Value%. This doesn't verify fully, but if I replace %Value% with a value of 56 it does work.

It feels to me at this point that the iterator is not feeding the value to this expression. Maybe I am off base, but that is my impression. Here are my model parameters:

Any ideas would be very appreciated. Thanks!

Drew Flater‌ - Do you know where else I can get help?

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