Model builder - list of feature classes to one feature class

02-15-2018 01:07 PM
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Hi all.  I'm working on a 'pet' model. I am a novice. I believe I've seen this done before.

I have a multiple tables. Each table has the paths of different feature classes of feature classes with the folder paths.  

My goal is to use the lists to point at the feature classes and either merge or append these feature classes into one. They all have the same schema. My goal is to get them in to respective feature classes

List A (table with paths for multiple feature classes) to Feature Class A

List B (table with paths for multiple feature classes) to Feature Class B

List C.....................................................

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This doesn't sound like a novice workflow!

You could set up a sub model that uses Iterate Field Values, pass the iterator output value (your path string) through the Calculate Value tool to convert it to type Feature Class, then to Collect Values to an output parameter headed back to the main model which will run your Merge.

If this gets too hairy with parameter validation (getting everything to 'ready to run' state, you may be forced to write a little Python function to read the table and run the Merge and place it in a Calculate Value tool.

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