Model Builder - Connecting to Collect Values Results

10-20-2014 10:03 PM
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I have created a sub-model within a model that iterates through a feature classes in a database and extracts feature classes using a wildcard.  Whilst this works successfully, I am unable to connect any tools to the collect values results and continue any further processing.  All Help documentation says you simply connect to the collect values, but whenever I try to connect anything I get an error result 'Can only connect a variable to a process'.  If I open the tool dialogue and to use the Input box to select the Collect Values - the collect values are not available for selection.  The Collect Values output has been changed into a parameter.  Has anybody experienced anything similar and how did you get around this.  Cheers.  judi

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Could you please add a screen shot of your model?

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The collected values should be marked as a parameter which is then used in the model your sub-model is nested inside. This is because iterators iterate the entire model and you can't use the collected values until finished (ie the sub-model is done iterating).

There are some good examples of sub models in the Desktop help. Take a look at this article, down the page under "Advanced Use Of Model iterators"

Integrating a model within a model—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop