How to fix problem with ModelBuilder batch processing raster output names

02-10-2015 01:35 PM
New Contributor

I am using ModelBuilder in ArcCatalog 10.3 to automate a large workflow. As part of this process I am running my inputs as a list (batch processing) and using in-line variable substitution so that I can consistently name the output files. I had the entire model built and everything was working as expected until recently. Now for some raster tools the model is changing the output raster names from what I designate them to a default output name. For example if I have three outputs from euclidian distance all named PRH_Distance_%i% they are automatically being changed to EucDist_PRH_1, EucDist_PRH_2, EucDist_PRH_3 So far just euclidean distance, slope, plus, and aspect are affected. I was wondering if anyone else had encountered a situation like this or had any thoughts on how to get ArcCatalog to use the names I am designating.

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