Has anyone created a Topology process in Modelbuilder?

01-07-2015 10:46 AM
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Hi all:

I was wondering if anyone has gone through the process of creating a Topology process in Modelbuilder.  I've been handed a project with several layers that look like they will need topology run on a monthly basis, so I was thinking of taking a stab at automating the Topology process.  I noticed that ArcGIS 10.2.1 has a Topology toolset, so this looks possible.  The topology would be run with rules against either SDE or feature classes in a File Geodatabase (haven't decided yet which way to go).

Has anyone pulled together a model that does topology?  If so, any weirdness to look out for or advice you can offer?  I'm trying to get a feel for what issues may crop up before I dive in on this.

Thanks in advance,

Chris Donohue, GISP

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I've never had to use those tools but one small "trip" hazard is that these tools are only accessible at a Standard license level. So if your intention is to create a Model tool for other users they need to have at least that license level to be able to run the tools.

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