Projection of Hosted Feature Layer

08-14-2020 10:46 AM
by Anonymous User
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I'm documenting the workflow of creating a hosted feature layer and then using Collector on Windows 10 for offline data collection.  Once back from the field after synchronizing the offline edits I realized that the coordinate system of the hosted feature layer is UTM in Meters. I went back to the process of creating a feature layer to determine if there's a step where the projection can be defined. I didn't see anything.

I'm assuming that the projection of the feature layer cannot be changed at this point. Is that correct?

Does the feature layer adopt the same projection as the basemap defined?

Any feedback is greatly apprecaited.


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Hi Keary, 

You will not be able to change the projection of the hosted feature layer once it has been published. An approach that you could use would be to download the data locally, change the coordinate system and then republish / overwrite.


Matthew Brown 

by Anonymous User
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Thank you. I figured that so I published a feature class in stateplane.. However after I collected a few features offline and then downloaded the State Plane dataset it was in Geographic again. I was wondering since the basemap I used was in Geographic if that would have anything to do with it but I haven't done any additional testing over the last month.

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