Fitbit TCX file with ArcGIS?

02-23-2018 07:50 AM
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My research includes a lot of hiking for surveying. I have a fitbit which uses GPS to map my hikes. I can export the data to TCX file. How do import this and use it with ArcGIS Pro or Desktop, or is there a way I can convert it into a compatible format for ArcGIS?

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According to Training Center XML - Wikipedia  it's a particular flavor of xml, and according to that article it's similar to the gpx flavor of xml that Garmin gps units spit out.  I'm pretty sure ArcGIS can read a gpx file, so you may want to find a gpx file and compare it to your tcx file and then see if there is a conversion routine available to do so.  See this too:  TCX Converter - The multiconverter tool 

edited to add:  GPX to Features tool : GPX To Features—Help | ArcGIS Desktop 

Here is what your tcx file looks like in xml notepad:

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I used Garmin Basecamp to import my TCX files and export them as GPX - very easy to do!

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