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Building a Web Mapping Platform

06-24-2020 02:47 PM
Esri Contributor

Thank you to those who were able to attend the Esri Mining webinar on June 17, 2020, tilted, "Building a Web Mapping Platform." Please enjoy and peruse the recording at your leisure.  


For further information, please see the resources below: 


Select questions and answers from webinar session


  • Are you producing customized widgets or are they "out of the box?" For instance, how do you produce the print to pdf widget? (is it a function of the version of Enterprise that you are using?)
  • The print widget is configurable and comes with Web AppBuilder in ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise.  With ArcGIS Enterprise, you have added functionality to create custom print templates that you can embed additional map elements including company logos.
  • Is it possible to share maps in ArcGIS online with information in 3D?
  • Yes, 3D scenes can be created and shared to ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise.  There is a great example of a 3D web scene from Esri Business Partner Seequent.  The data was created with their Target for ArcGIS Pro add-in and shared to ArcGIS Online for others to visualize.
  • Are there any improvements in 3D visualizations and data management in ESRI web applications?
  • Esri is constantly improving our 3D visualization capabilities through the web.  After creating a 3D scene in ArcGIS Pro, you can publish it to the web to view it in the Scene Viewer.  You can read more about the Scene View here: Scene Viewer – View, create, and share 3D scenes in your browser.

    Additionally, web scenes can be turned into 3D web applications using Web AppBuilder where we have a number of configurable 3D widgets such at the 3D measurement widget or slides widget.  If there is an application you want to build that we don’t provide the tools out-of-the-box for, you can also develop your application using our JavaScript API to build your 3D application.
  • For mining applications, is it possible to collect automatically point/track data in areas of spotty internet connectivity, i.e. camps with internet access and not on the field? Are there any workflows available for reference?

Yes, this is possible using Esri’s mobile applications.  Our mobile applications are designed to work offline.  For example, if you want to collect track data you could use Tracker for ArcGIS.  As a user walks around the locations will be stored on their device until they connect to the internet.  Once they connect, the tracks will be uploaded.  Collector for ArcGIS also works offline for collection geospatial data.

  • In my case I have a bad signal, can we share the map in local area/intranet?

Yes, you can take maps offline in our mobile applications such as Explorer for ArcGIS or Collector for ArcGIS as well as in ArcGIS Pro.

  • Has the IoT application in ArcGIS been deployed anywhere in the field? i.e. is any site actually tracking their trucks real time with the platform yet?

Analytics for IoT is a brand-new capability of ArcGIS Online (software-as-a-service).  The equivalent real-time and big data capabilities are available in our on-premise ArcGIS Enterprise software through GeoEvent Server & GeoAnalytics Server.  These on-premise tools have been deployed at mine sites to track trucks and other assets in real-time.

  • How does Analytics for IoT compare to existing fleet management software/tools already in the market?
    • Analytics for IoT is designed to connect to the other systems and integrate live data feeds into the ArcGIS platform. It does not replace an existing fleet management software.  A common workflow would be to stream vehicle locations from the fleet management to display in an ArcGIS Dashboard along with other operational data such as asset boundaries, haul roads, equipment, and materials.  Analytics for IoT is also able to incorporate many data feeds, not just vehicles (e.g. weather, SCADA, etc.).  By bringing this data into the ArcGIS platform you can also begin to do further geospatial analysis on your data.

Warm Regards,

The Mining Team

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