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Option to view/edit all Esri metadata elements without picking a standard

05-13-2024 05:30 PM
Status: Open
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My idea is to allow users to choose to view all metadata elements, from all supported metadata standards, at once, in ArcGIS Pro.  This means everything that's in the metadata XML, but in a user-friendly GUI in Pro.

When you go to Options in Pro and select a metadata standard, it seems like none of the standards will show you all of the existing metadata elements in the Esri metadata.  I know that the Esri metadata includes all elements that would be needed for any of the supported metadata standards, but that each standard is a smaller subset of metadata elements.  This is great.  But it would be extremely helpful to be able to view all of the Esri metadata elements at once, without having to go to Options to switch standards enough times so that you think you've probably come across all the elements somewhere along the line, or without having to deal with the XML.

This occurred to me when I had to check and update metadata for many, many feature classes in my organizations enterprise geodatabases.  Some of the metadata was written many years ago by former employees using different metadata standards.  But now we are using Item Description format.  So it was just by chance (I don't remember exactly how I came across this) that I discovered that for some feature classes, very outdated metadata exists in some obscure metadata fields used in FGDC or something.  To find such things, it would make a big difference to be able to view every single metadata element for a feature class, all at once, in one place, in Pro.  This would be the content that's in the XML, but more user-friendly.

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