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01-05-2019 10:46 AM
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I am Celine Wise, new to the GeoNet community.  

  • Where do you work and what is your role?   Park City, UT Chamber of Commerce as a CRM/Data Specialist.   
  • What GIS success have you had this year and what product did you use? Currently studying for ArcGIS professional certification and taking online classes to continue learning and applying GIS skills , using ArcGIS and ArcPro.  I am energized by spatial analysis and seek to transition my skills in a new professional direction in 2019. 
  • What is your expertise (GIS related or not), and how can that help the community? I have 14 years of experience using ArcGIS for desktop / ArcMap, gained while employed in the Oil & Gas Industry as a geologist.  Experience includes working with large regional data sets to create maps and data analysis for exploration and capital investment projects. I am glad to offer assistance.  Also, I look forward to sharing ideas and receiving feedback from others who have earned certifications and pivoted professionally, redirecting their skills into a new career path.

There are so many interesting places in this world I don't have a favorite- but I'll keep looking ! 

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Hi Celine,

Welcome! I am not really sure on the etiquette of this, but it looks like all intros are in this one forum posting: 

However, it's getting a bit long, so maybe it is good to start a new thread!

In any case, welcome to GeoNet and glad to have you aboard!

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Hi Adrian,

Thank you for your advice. I'm new to all this . Can you tell me how I can

direct this to the Introduce yourself forum posting ? I didn't see

instructions on how to do this. I simply followed the introduce yourself


Glad to start learning how to navigate the site.


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Great questions. I am not sure on what the proper protocol is. It's really an informal thing to introduce yourself to the community so I'm going to say there is no wrong way to do it. 

I was peaking around on the GeoNet welcome page and on the left hand side list of buttons

The Introduce Yourself button took me to the link I mentioned earlier (but it is getting a bit long!). So, long story, but seems like there is no wrong way to say hi and welcome to the board!

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Celine, Welcome to GeoNet, you are fine to leave you post here.  I will add a cross-reference from the other thread. I hope you find the community helpful. We have a lot of great resources and people to help you along your journey. Here are a few places in the community you might find interesting.

Esri Training

Esri Technical Certification


Product Communities


Michelle (GeoNet Community Manager)

Michelle Mathias
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