03-29-2022 12:03 PM
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My name is Brian Bergstrom and I am new here to this community as well as the field. I am a graduate student at Elmhurst University enrolled in the GIS program. I am really enjoying it so far, finding the GIS/ ESRI community to be really helpful, friendly, an supportive. My undergrad was in IT which I personally struggled with for many years. I know Python, but I actually focused a lot my studies learning database knowledge. For years, I thought my skills were trash, but I am quickly discovering those skills are in demand in this field which is a nice surprise. I do not know which direction I wish go in GIS (There's lots to choose from!) but i definitely know GIS is my jam.

I am on here because I was recently at the ESRI Midwest User Conference in Chicago and the peers I met there spoke very highly of this community. I am here for help and advice, but I also am here for networking opportunities with other like minded geo geeks.

Looking forward to learning and exploring this community!

- Brian Bergstrom

Elmhurst University

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Welcome Brian!
I am still grappling around with decisions. You're right! There is a lot to
choose from. I am working through the "would-like-to-know-how" section. 🙂
Best regards,
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