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I have a goal to introduce to my local community college a GIS STEM program, and in hopes to further that with certifications, then possible a two-year program. The idea will be best received hopefully because there is already a STEM program in place with NASA. And there is a Fellow/Stem who has been awarded her opportunity at the community college. Hopefully, that in the future, I can collaborate with the two of them, to further this opportunity for the students of the future. If you have any advice as to how to bring this program to the faculty's attention in a way that would give them the best comprehensive understanding, I would deeply appreciate it.

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G. Johns


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Welcome, Giovanni! It's great to have you here with us on the new community!  It's exciting to hear about your goals to introduce GIS STEM at the local community college and pursue certification.  In case you haven't found these places and content yet, here are a few I recommend checking out and subscribing to. They places are great to connect with others pursuing the same goals and connect with Esri staff who can help you solve problems and find solutions. We're excited to see you more here in the community and let us know if there is anything else you need help with!





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Yes, greetings Giovanni!

To add to Chris' excellent resources, we work closely with community colleges through this organization as well:

In fact I am giving a keynote address for their GIS Day event next Wed 18 Nov 2020 if you are interested in that.  Here is the event:  

Another STEM note - I have a book co-authored called Spatial Mathematics and have numerous GeoNet posts about the use of GIS to foster science and math instruction--proportions, geometry, plate tectonics, eocregions, to name a few.   Keep in touch then!

---Joseph Kerski 

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