Page query with mosaic dataset in ArcGIS Pro

01-18-2021 02:03 PM
New Contributor II

Since Pro has been out for a few years now, is there a way to toggle overlapping imagery automatically based on a Map Series index? I have ~100 sites with 4-5 historical air photos each. In Desktop I would've created a data driven pages index layer, and set a couple page definition queries based on a common ID field between the layers and the index layer. I thought I could also do this querying on a combined raster dataset if it was organized in either a Raster Catalog or Mosaic data type. I see some previous posts about Raster Catalog being removed in Pro along with this functionality. Those posts are a couple years old, so I'm wondering if the functionality is back now? And if not, if anyone has found a new way to do this with the new Pro tools? Thanks!

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