Edit Hosted Feature Services in ArcMap - Client Timed Out

04-06-2015 06:54 AM
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I am trying to edit ArcGIS Online hosted feature services in ArcMap 10.3.  I am able to create a local copy but when I go to synchronize the changes, I get the following error:

"The local edits were not synchronized to the server.  The server took too long to answer.  The client has timed out."

The feature service has a lot of data (>15,000 records).  Is there any way to increase the default time out?

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Hi Andrew,

Try changing the timeout properties of the services.



Think Location
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Jay, the feature service is hosted on ArcGIS Online, not ArcGIS Server.  I don't see where to change any of those properties.

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Though the topic is out of date by over a month now, i am curious if anyone has a solution to this. I have also encountered the same situation in which my local copy times out after no less than a minute.

My dataset is similar but with less features 5000, but over 1 GB worth of attachment data. Checking out a townwide dataset has worked in the past.

Naturally i am using ArcGIS Online hosted feature services and thus have no access to any ArcServer functions outside of manipulating the Rest Services.

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There is currently a bug related to this issue: BUG-000084828 - Synchronizing local edits with the server fails fo..​ and it looks like the sync will fail with feature services with >3,000 records (>2,343 for line features).

Related to this, I have also seen the issue where the GlobalID field of the feature service converts to {00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000} when a local copy is created.​​

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Thanks, I’ve noticed the GlobalID field converting to 0000 values myself but paid it no mind, since the edits were still able to Sync back with the bug, it was still disheartening and concerning to see it. Also those 1000’s of attachments all attached to the same record ☺ . It’s been inconsistent with when the 0000 will appear but I suspect it has to do with large feature datasets (greater than for example 2000 records).

I may have to start using Replicas off the Rest Services on AGO opposed to the built in Checkout functionality.

Pulling data down from AGO with attachments in geodatabase format (when you have large amount of attachment data)


Eric Pescatore

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Is this still an issue/bug? I'm trying to synchronize 6 layers and 8000+ features in one feature service after hours of editing/updating. Am I going to be able to save/synch all those edits?

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Thanks Adam, 

Can I also add, If your using ArcGIS online and have published data that has global ID containing {00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000} your data will be damaged if it is edited in ArcGIS Pro.


We have a bug logged in support for this issue, BUG-000119312 - Editing a single feature from a hosted feature layer in ArcGIS Pro edits all the features instead when a GolbalID is duplicated.

- Adam E

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