drive time polygons

03-19-2021 11:16 AM
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Can drivetime polygons created in ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Desktop Pro 2.7 (Basic License Level, no Network Analyst extension) be used to "clip" or intersect another layer such as places or other point layers similar to using buffers to clip other layers?  Thanks.

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I don't see why that wouldn't work - it is just like clipping with any other polygon.  Analysis, Analysis Tools, Extract, Clip.  Clip (Analysis)—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation   What kind of problem are you running into that prompts this question?

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Thanks, Jay.  I don't have Network Analyst so I can't create drive-times in Pro.  I tried it Online where I can create drive-time polygons and at least so far that didn't work either.  Could be "operator error" so I'll keep trying.


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