Default symbology when adding new shape

04-27-2014 08:32 PM
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When i add a new polygon layer to my ArcMap mxd i want the symbol red and 80 % transparency by default and not random color and 0 % transperency.

Is this possible?
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The application randomly picks default symbology colors each time you add new data to your map.  You can manually change the symbology through later properties but I don't think you can control what the app picks as a default.  Transparency is something you need to manually set within layer properties.  ArcMap won't automatically set transparency settings.
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Anyone else know if its possible?
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Python arcpy.mapping could also be used.  Author a layer file (.lyr) and use the UpdateLayer function to apply the symbology in the layer file to the layer of interest.

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Jeff's answer is the best option. You could script everything in python and publish a map using parameters etc.

Other then that, the manual route is the only other way.

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