data driven pages not exporting to pdf as I would like

06-14-2012 08:16 AM
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I am using Data Driven Pages to create a map series of survey areas.  Under Setup the Map Extent is set to 'Center and Maintain Current Scale'.  Because some of the survey areas are very irregularly shaped I sometimes need to modify the automatic centering.  So I use the Pan tool to manually adjust the image within the data frame.  But when I then immediatly export that page to pdf, the pdf shows the survey area with the automatic centering rather than my manual adjustment.  It does the same thing if I print it directly rather than export to pdf. 

Is there anyway to get my exported pdf to match what I see on the screen?  Thanks.
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This issue has been reported before and is being looked into.

When data driven pages are enabled, custom extent cannot be specified for an export to PDF. Must disable data driven pages in order to export a custom extent to PDF. The data shifts due to the extent enforced by the data driven page schema.
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I used to do this all the time with DSMapbook and still do on my 9.3.1.  It would be a very nice addition to DDP.

One workaround is to disable the DDP, export to pdf and then re-enable it.  But that doesn't go well if one has page definitions, one of the great things about DDP.  If one has Adobe Acrobat one can export to eps and then open it in Adobe to convert it to a pdf without rasterization, but that loses the pdf layers and georeferencing.  There was some comment that hinted 10.1 would allow DDP to export to bookmarks but I haven't seen that and don't know what it might lose (e.g. page definitions).
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Was this every fixed or did someone discover a workaround to print an extent that isn't the default from the Data Driven Pages setup?

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