Data Driven Pages - cannot export more than once

07-02-2015 12:54 PM
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I have a map document setup with data driven pages to export a set of PDFs. After I export the map (File>Export Map), I may notice that I want to make a change, which I do, and then if I try to re-export the map again to PDF, the process just hangs. I have to close ArcMap with the task manager, and reload the map document just so that I can export the map document layouts.

A colleague running on an ArcInfo license did not seem to have this issue. She was able to export using data driven pages multiple times without issue. Similarly, when I load the map document using a different ArcGIS Editor license and export pages, several times, I do not run into any issues. However, another colleagues was experiencing the same problem with data driven pages with a different file, and we both run ArcEditor.

Does anyone know if there is a setting issue or have suggestions to resolve this issue?

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I had the same issue while using 10.3, and contacted Esri support.  I was told that the mxd was becoming corrupt.  I followed the advice to run MXD doctor and Document Defragmenter utility, and the export worked.  Some ideas: one could create a clean map and store it in your templates folder to minimize the cycle of editing maps, then copying them over for another use.  This seems to have been the most helpful.  It also appears that the more you geoprocess in a map, make map edits, save-as, etc, you are increasing the chances of corrupting your map doc.  Esri support also suggested doing geoprocessing in a blank map, then add the results to your master map doc.  Hope this helps.

Here is what I was given by Esri support back in March of 2016:

"This is the information on mxd doctor:

Periodically use the mxd doctor utility to fix corrupt map documents (or prevent possible corruption). Run the mxd through the mxd doctor, available in 10.x by navigating to Start > Programs > ArcGIS > Desktop Tools > mxd doctor.


This is the description on using the mxd doctor.


Additionally try to minimize doing edits and geoprocessing tasks in the master map document. Open a blank document, drag and drop the few layers needed, do the edit task and close the map. The edits will be reflected in the master map document. The layers resulting from the geoprocessing output can be added to the master document.


Using the Document Defragmenter utility"