How to Move and Upgrade a WMX Repository Enterprise GDB

04-01-2021 10:46 AM
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How to move and upgrade a wmx repo eGDB?
1. use a database backup

recommended, it is the easy way to move the geodatabase, especially if the geodatabase is quite large!


2. copy / paste wmx schema

create a new eGDB then use ArcCatalog or Pro to copy/paste the wmx schema


3. WMX Administrator export/import the wmx configuration

create a new eGDB then use the WMX Administrator to export / import the wmx configuration

if you want to keep the jobs data then instead use the "Export Job Data" GP Tool.

ArcMap WMX Classic:

Pro WMX:

Example: Migrate and Upgrade the WMX eGDB to a new SQL Server Instance

OLD DB Server:
Windows Server 2012 R2
SQL Server 2012 SP3
Geodatabase Repo 10.5.1
WMX Repo 10.5.1

NEW DB Server:
Windows Server 2019
SQL Server 2019
Geodatabase Repo 10.7.1
WMX Repo 10.7.1

System Requirements

Install Latest SQL Server Cumulative Update:

Best Practices:

- sde repo and wmx repo version need to match!
- 1 gdb for wmx repo and another gdb for gis data!


Note: use ArcCatalog 10.7.1

1. restore SQL Server database backup in the new SQL Server instance

- note: do not change the SQL Server db name or the sde repo breaks
- remap the db users to the external logins

2. change SQL Server database compatibility level if different from the old server

3. create new sde connection files

4. upgrade sde repo
grant sde db_owner
ArcCatalog / Pro - upgrade sde repo
note: use a connection file to connect as the "sde" user
revoke sde db_owner

5. upgrade wmx repo
ArcCatalog / Pro - "Upgrade Workflow Database" GP tool
note: use a connection file to connect as the data owner user of the wmx repo

6. refresh permission editor/viewer users - if necessary

7. rebuild indexes

8. gather new statistics

9. if geodatabase has gis data then run sde compress from ArcCatalog connected as the sde user and repeat steps 7, 8

10. ArcCatalog wmx repo connection (jtc)

- use the wmx editor user and not the wmx data owner user to connect to the wmx repo using the wxm administrator and wmx app

- ArcCatalog set new wmx connection (jtc)

- WMX Administrator, try to connect to new wmx repo

- WMX Administrator > Security > Users - open the "Post Install" user

- your windows domain login shall be mapped to the Post Install user after the "Upgrade Workflow Database" gp tool was executed

note: you can add other domain login users and grant the appropriate roles.

11. WMX Administrator Reconfigure to use the new wmx repo sde gdb

- Geodatabse > data workspaces -

- maps -
note: might need to export the map, open it in ArcMap, resource the layers to point to new gdb, save mxd and then update the map in the wmx repo

- external properties tables - those shall remain the same, see note below

- queries / reports - those shall remain the same, see note below

- job types - make sure the job type is using the correct data workspace and configuration is fine

- workflows - check the job workflows and make necessary adjustments

note: extended properties configuration does not change once the SQL Server database data owner user of the wmx repo remains the same,
means the fully qualified object names do not change, e.g. db.owner.table



12. rebuild indexes, gather new statistics, take a full backup

13. open the WMX Application and try to create a new job, and test as needed.