Map Viewer Beta user guides and quick-start tutorial (ArcGIS Online)

12-09-2020 03:52 AM

Map Viewer Beta user guides and quick-start tutorial (ArcGIS Online)

Map Viewer Beta, the next generation of Map Viewer, makes it easier, more intuitive, and faster than ever to create attractive and impactful web maps.


For detailed instructions to help you use Map Viewer Beta in ArcGIS Online, download the attached user guide in your preferred language.


You can also follow the attached quick-start tutorial (English only) to give Map Viewer Beta's exciting new interface and functionality a try. The tutorial gives the highlights of Map Viewer Betadot density styling, pop-ups, filtering, and morewhile guiding you through the steps of creating a policy map using real-world data and workflows. View the final map


Let us know what you think!


P.S. If you're looking for user guides for Map Viewer Beta in ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8.1, you can find them in this post.


I don't seem to be able to use the Counts and Amounts (colour) shown in the tutorial.  As soon as there are two variables it changes to the Colour and Size Dots.

Sorry to hear that you're having problems styling your layer. Which attribute fields are you trying to visualize on the map? In the tutorial, you should see Counts and Amounts (color) by default when you choose the Adult obesity (%) field. Did you try to add another field after that?

I tried to use the identical layers shown in the tutorial Non-Hispanic white population and Adult obesity (%)  

I see what's happening. It's because you have two numeric attributes, and the Counts and Amounts (color) style is only available when you have one numeric attribute. The behavior is the same in Map Viewer (classic). If you remove one of the attributes, you will seee Counts and Amounts (color). For more information about styling attributes, you might want to check out Change style—ArcGIS Online Help | Documentation. Hope this helps!

I'm having trouble with the popups.  I'm trying to show attributes, and then a hyperlink in the text below however as soon as I add the text in, the attributes no longer show in my web app.

Hi Naomi. Sorry to hear that. Can you provide a bit more information? Did you share your map as a configurable app after setting up the pop-ups in Map Viewer Beta? If so, which configurable app are you using?

Hi Jennifer, I have been using webapp builder with this rather than configuable apps.  It doesn't appear to cope with the flexibility of the new popups.

Am I right in thinking that this is eventually going to overtake the other map viewer and instead of using webappbuilder it will be directed into experience builder? 

I have a few more questions about functionality as I've tried to start my last project in here.

- How do we add in our default national basemaps?  Currently in the web map view we have the option of all the esri basemaps as well as our national provider maps?

- The search within add a layer seems to be different to the current webmap.  I would search for a layer within our organisation however it would not appear.  Can you tell me more about the differences in the search methods used?  Playing spot the differences with our layers that do and don't appear it looks like it might have something to do with the category??

- We seem to have lost the ability to display dates in the non American formats (i.e. the majority of the rest of the world  ) .  When configuring attributes it doesn't allow for dates to be dd/mm/yyyy .

- 3.x appslike Web AppBuilder do not support the changes we have made to extend the popup and will show a simplified version which might not show all the elements you have authored.

- Correct the Experience Builder will be the app of choice and the team is working on pulling in the functionality present in Web AppBuilder

For Basemaps

- If you want to show your own basemap gallery you can author one for your organization: Create a custom basemap gallery for your organization. The basemap panel also supports adding layers and moving layers Basemaps in Map Viewer Beta: a new playground 

- Are you searching the living atlas or using the add layer search? The blog above might help with this. 

- The date authoring is being expanded as we make more updates to the viewer and this will be based off of your locale profile you set.

Is there any way to disable editing on a field in Map Viewer Beta? 

This was possible in the original Map Viewer by using the Configure Popups functionality.

Hi Mark - This is not supported in pop-ups in Map Viewer Beta. The plan is to implement this functionality via a form-based experience, but it is not available yet. Hope this helps!

Hi, the new time animation is acting strange in the new Map Viewer. Is like is trying to find the time in the past, and is continuing searching, is acting like a stopwatch and it cannot be controlled.

Do you have any idea why is acting like this?

Sorry to hear you're having problems using time animation. Is this issue happening when you try to choose a date from the date picker? Do you experience something similar when choosing a date in the Filter pane? This could be related to the time zone set on your computer...


I can't see 'Country Health Rankings 2020 ' under Living Atlas  , has it been removed ?


@BronwynDitchburn It should be County and not Country 🙂 



@AndreeaVasile__Anghel_ we made some fixes to date/time when the system date/time settings were set to a certain region. Can you try time out again and see if you see the issue? 

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