"More Information" page giving Javascript error when vector tile service on underlying map

02-23-2023 12:04 PM
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In LocalMaps 2.3.1, when you click on the More Information link (the small 'i' icon on the gallery page), a Javascript error is thrown if the map includes a vector tile layer. Here's an example page.


The error is: [LocalMaps Error] TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'toLowerCase')

In this case it is our Contours layer on the Flood Extents map that is breaking things. If I remove this layer from the map then this page displays correctly.

I believe that this is a bug. Can it be fixed please? I've included screenshots of the broken page and also of the page working when I temporarily removed the Contours layer from the map.

Thanks, Keith

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Esri Contributor

Hey @KeithMiller3 - good spot. We did some work with Vector tiles for but I will link this in with our LocalMaps Support team and we will look to make a fix. Can you please confirm the version of LocalMaps that you are using? This will be on the settings page of the admin.

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