What social logins are (or will continue to be) supported for Crowdsource Reporter on AGOL and Enterprise?

08-14-2019 04:51 PM
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I ask because there appear to be various inconsistencies between the documentations and products. Here's what I know thus far:

  • The Crowdsource Reporter ReadMe on Github mentions:
    Users can access the content anonymously, or authenticate using their Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or ArcGIS credentials. Authenticated users gain access to additional functionality, such as My Issues - a list of all reports they have submitted.
  • While over at the Solutions for Local Government site, their Get Started Guide to Configure social media sign in states:
    The Crowdsource Reporter application allows users to sign in with social media credentials (Twitter and Google+)...
    The guide goes on to describe how to configure Google+ credentials in the Google Developer Console... No mention of Facebook or Twitter (though it seems Twitter doesn't require any external configuration)
  • Yet, back a page in the What's New section, the March 2019 release indicates:
    Remove support for Google+
  • So, when I attempt to configure the Crowdsource Reporter template through my AGOL account, I see mention of Google+ but nowhere to input the "Client ID" I obtained following the Get Started Guide, only Twitter. No Facebook either...
    Screenshot of Crowdsource Reporter configuration screen through my ArcGIS Online Account
  • However over on my Portal (ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6.1), I've got configuration options for Facebook, Google+ and Twitter
    Screenshot of Crowdsource Reporter configuration screen through my Portal (ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6.1)

Can someone clarify which social platforms are indeed supported and where (or maybe at what versions/releases)? Perhaps Allison Muise can shed some light on this?

  • Twitter - seems to have been supported without any external configuration
  • Facebook - not in AGOL, but remains available in enterprise at 10.6.1 but configuration details seem to have been wiped from the esri sites
  • Google+ - mentioned but not configurable in AGOL. Remains available in enterprise and still shows up in the documentation

This all comes about because Facebook logins in this app would be super useful to my organization, as the community we serve is all over FB. Google+ would be nice-to-have, but not super important... Twitter; sure we might enable it but I'm less certain folks in our community use it all that frequently. And ideally we would like these to work with AGOL as our portal is not publicly accessible.

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Hi David, 

The only login options that are currently available with Reporter are Guest, ArcGIS, and Twitter. Through the ArcGIS sign in button you can also access other social login types if they are enabled in      your organization, but this might require additional licensing. A quick search found these links, but your account representative should be able to help you with more info:




  •     Twitter - Sign in option with Twitter account is continued to be supported.
  •     Facebook - Facbook sign in option was removed in ArcGIS Online version 6.3 and Enterprise 10.7
  •     Google+ - Google+ support was removed in ArcGIS Online 7.1 and Enterprise 10.7.1


We had to remove these options for Facebook and Google + for unsupported changes in the api. We are in the process of updating our docs to reflect these changes.


 Hope this helps.



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We deployed this solution publicly last January. We agree - Facebook integration would be super useful. We would also like Google account and email integration. This is the #1 issue we get complaints about - the citizen not being able to easily track their reports.

Google+ was shutdown in April for consumer accounts. It is only supported within enterprise Google accounts now.

ArcGIS login integration doesn't help us because that would mean every citizen creating an account would need a login within our organization - not feasible.

We do have some users who have connected using their Twitter accounts, but not many.

We are exploring external identity management solutions to maybe integrate with this app, but who knows how costly/complex those may be?

Nataliya Lys

Allison Muise

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Hi Michael,

I agree, it would be wonderful if we could bring Facebook and Google+ integration back to these apps, but as Aziza stated above, we were forced to remove support when Google and Facebook remove the capabilities from their APIs in response to demands for greater user privacy following the Cambridge Analytical scandal. For this reason, it is extremely unlikely that we will be able to bring this capability back to these apps.

You will continue to see configuration parameters for social logins in the apps at older versions of Portal, but the user information will not be stored as those components of the Google and Facebook APIs no longer work.

Social logins can be enabled and used through the organization as this capability was unaffected by the API changes. Unfortunately, the mechanism that we are using at the organization level is not available for us to include at the app level.


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Hi Allison,

          Can users use public AGO logins with this app? That would be awesome if they don't need a Hub Premium or our AGO organization named user.  Thanks

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Hi Chelsea,

No, public accounts don't work with the app. The account used to sign in to the app has to be an account in the organization that is hosting the application.