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Public Notification app - Parcel search values 'undefined'

02-27-2017 11:41 AM
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One more mysterious issue with configuring Public Notification App - 

When executing a search by parcel, the search executes successfully, but the drop-down options always show up as 'undefined'.  I have configured the 'SearchDisplayFields' to be 'PARCEL' for the parcel query layer (our parcel variable name) and it simple does not read it even though the search finds the entered value.

PARCEL is also listed in the QueryOutFields.  Beyond that I'm not sure where to look - I've checked other .js files, and also noted that if I use a different field in the 'SearchDisplayFields' (Site Address for example) and do a search by address, it does give the correct address values in the drop-down.  

Confused - 

Thanks -


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Hi Allen,

I usually find it helpful to open the browser's console (F12 on the keyboard) and see what REST URL is executed when performing the search.  You can then try and copy that into a new tab to see if it executes successfully.

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Thanks Jake -

The query executes successfully both in the app and using the REST URL.  The issue is that when I enter a full valid parcel # in the search box, you see 1 result in the drop down, and if you click on it it is indeed the correct parcel, however it is listed in the drop-down as 'undefined' instead of the actual parcel # so the user can get the impression that the search is not in fact working correctly even though it is. 

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Here's a screen shot to demonstrate the issue - this is a valid parcel search.  Clicking the 'undefined' will go to the correct parcel.  I just need to make it display the parcel # instead of 'undefined'.

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In January 2018, the Public Notification application has been replaced by a new Web AppBuilder configuration.


Public Notification | ArcGIS for Local Government 


The version referenced in this post has been moved into mature support.





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