10/31/2013 - The FGDC approved US National Cadastral Standard – CadNSDI

10-10-2016 01:12 PM
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In this Land Records Meetup we covered the following topics:

Presenter: Nancy Von Meyer, the author of the book "GIS and Land Records: The ArcGIS Parcel Data Model" and a member on the FGDC Cadastral Subcommittee http://nationalcad.org/.

National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) is a framework of data sets that provide a basis to support decision-making and encourage the broad use of geographic information. The Cadastral NSDI (CadNSDI) are the core or essential elements of cadastral information that provide the framework for building and using cadastral (land records) information nationwide. 

The Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) Cadastral Subcommittee has published an updated version of the publication guidelines for the standardized CadNSDI data sets.  Version 2 represents updates to the formats, attribution, and definitions of features.  Within the standardized data sets, the data content may be updated at various times by various stewards.  This changing data set is termed a change in the Vintage, or the age or revision data but is not a change in the version.  The term version is meant to reflect the format and structure of the data and vintage is used to describe the age or revision of the data.


The CadNSDI has two components Cadastral Reference and Parcels.  The Cadastral Reference is the framework or structure for land descriptions that supports defining parcel land descriptions (or legal descriptions).  The most commonly known Cadastral Reference is the Public Land Survey System (PLSS) which exists in 30 states and is a combination of rectangular an non-rectangular elements.  In addition to the PLSS in all 50 states there are Survey System of various types, typically defined by each state, that might include subdivisions, survey plats, land grants, or early settlement surveys that provided a way to convey title and settle land.  The Cadastral Reference features are typically nested systems such as subdivision-block-lot, Township-section-aliquot, or condo-building-unit.


The CadNSDI PLSS data sets have been developed by most of the Bureua of Land Management (BLM) administered states as well as many of the eastern PLSS states.  The goal of this project was to establish a single standardized data set that could be improved by the data stewards and would provide a basis for a common land description basis.


In addition to parcel land descriptions the cadastral reference features often define the boundaries of administrative areas such as stat, county, and local administrative area boundaries.  Having a standard agreed upon cadastral reference is an essential element for a seamless vertically integrated administrative boundaries and parcel data sets.


This webinar will describe the content of the CadNSDI Cadastral Reference features.  The proposed national format standard is a guideline and its content can be expanded to meet local conditions and needs.  Having a common core of information increases the understanding of the data and hopefully will increase the use of a single commonly agreed to definition of this fundamental layer.


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