10/17/2013 - GeoDesigning in the Cloud: Online design of Low Distortion Projections

10-10-2016 01:08 PM
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In this Land Records Meetup we covered the following topics:

Presenters: Richard A. Nava and Michael L. Dennis

Website: https://geo.ldpdesign.com/ 


Projected coordinate systems are distorted — it is a Fact of Life. Linear distortion is the difference in distance between a pair of projected (map grid) coordinates and the true “ground” distance on the surface of the Earth. Although such distortion cannot be eliminated, it can be minimized using Low Distortion Projections (LDPs). LDPs are conformal map projections intended to cover the largest area with the least linear distortion possible. These goals are at odds with one another, so LDP development is an optimization problem that can be complex. This presentation shows how the design process is facilitated using the online LDP Design application. The application provides an intuitive graphical interface for interactively creating LDPs in the Cloud and seeing design performance in real time. It can be used to design new LDP systems, analyze existing conformal systems, display distortion, and export distortion rasters and LDP coordinate system definitions.


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