Rapidly planning for online instruction? GeoInquiries!

03-04-2020 11:49 AM
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Using GeoInquiries in a virtual course or self-directed learning space


Esri GeoInquiries are designed to be simple, frictionless instructional activities and maps for teachers to deliver verbally - to whole classes of students.  Most teachers don’t teach with GeoInquiries this way, at least not after their first or second use.


If you need additional background on GeoInquiries, explore this storymap and then visit the collections of GeoInquiries.


What many don’t know is that GeoInquiries are now available in two forms: the educator PDF with answers and the student worksheets in Google Docs.  The student worksheets don’t contain answers, but they do contain the map link and instructions.  The student worksheets can be ideal for homework or for plugging into an online or virtual course.  For those that want to spend the time, the worksheets could even be put into a Google Form – sending student answers directly to the teacher.


If your school or district is one of the many making plans to rapidly move to online instruction as a result of an expected corona virus (COVID-19) impact, these resources can be very useful compliments to your other instructional resources.




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Excellent! Another option is to have students log in to the school's ArcGIS Online Organization, save the GeoInquiry, and then use it to build a "Presentation" in the MapViewer. See this blog for guidance: Fun With GIS 229.

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