03-23-2020 12:32 PM
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GeoProjects are short tutorials and demonstrations designed to help educators envision and create their own project-based learning (PBL) experiences.  GeoProjects use Survey123, Collector, or QuickCapture so that students can collect and submit data on a topic of teacher or student interest - from the field or from the safety of home.


The GeoProjects hub contains two key areas:

  • GeoProject starters – short tutorials and pre-built demos using Esri data collection tools, on a range of disciplinary topics. We are currently adding more starters.  If you would like to create and share a starter, please email it to
  • Registry and idea explorer – a place for educators to share ideas about projects that involve data collection. The projects can be real, just a dream, or anywhere in between.  Share you geoproject now.


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