K12 Educator Tech Workshop: Introduction to Python

03-08-2019 06:49 AM
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This is a one-hour virtual jumpstart workshop with limited seating for K12 teachers or K12 IT staff only. Each participant will set-up a Python “stack” on their personal computer. We will include the ArcGIS API for Python in your stack, run pre-built programs, and write two simple programs: one that creates a map and one that performs an administrative function in ArcGIS Online.


This is a beginner’s (non-programmer’s) workshop; however, it is best if you have programmed in any language prior to taking the workshop.  While the coding will be straightforward, our ability to troubleshoot installation problems will be limited.


Before you register:

  • Make sure that you have a Windows or Macintosh computer with administrative privileges, so that you can install software.
  • Make sure you have a publisher level account in an ArcGIS Online organization.


Before the workshop:

  • Know how to launch your computer’s command prompt. On Mac, this is Terminal. On a Windows computer, this is Command Prompt (search for “cmd.exe” in Windows 10).
  • Have your AGO Publisher username/password at the ready for the workshop.


Workshop date and time: TBD

Web address: Received via email.

To register:  If you would like to be put on a waiting list or receive news about any related "python for educators" workshops in the future, please email: tbaker@esri.com

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Hi Tom,

Is this workshop coming around again? I'm trying to learn how to use Notebook, and trying to tackle how to use the python functionality in Notebook to determine speed and direction of lat / long pings produced by surface current drifters (built by students) in and around Cohasset Harbor. Some "garmin-esque" tools will output speed; but being able to visualize the data in ArcGIS online with proportional vectors showing velocity and direction... and doing so by teaching  / engaging students (and then getting out of the way ) how to use Python in Notebook.... well, that would be way cool. Found this script as an example of python code to mimic. 

Let me know if you're offering any educator workshops in python that will allow folks like me who A) will never be coders; B) but can clearly see contours of the skills needed to C) jumpstart student learning by using authentic student data to dive into data science and data visualization.  

...if only I could take just get an injection of GIS knowledge... sign me up for the experimental serum group!



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