GeoInquiries™ on your school's ArcGIS Online organization

07-18-2017 07:36 AM
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If you are interested in a copy of all nine GeoInquiry™ collections including the new Level 2 activities on your school/district organization, send an email to geoinquiries@esri.comwith the following information:

  • The school AGO organization URL
  • A new/empty username in that organization. We generally recommend a username like: "geoinquiries.myschoolname" or "geoinquiries.schoolmascotname".
  • The password for the user account


The Esri Schools team will access your organization via the user account and create groups and link to GeoInquiries.  This will allow teachers (or students) to search and discover GeoInquiry activities within the organization.  This process is effectively a snapshot. The content on your organization will show future updates to existing activities but will not automatically add new collections or activities.  The later will require a new copy.


For more information about GeoInquiries see  To discuss or join the GeoInquiries community, see

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