INSPIRE Reference Validator gets a facelift!

06-23-2021 06:52 AM
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This spring, a new user interface for the INSPIRE reference validator was released, improving its usability. The most outstanding updates are:

  1. alignment with the visual identity of the European Commission
  2. more user-friendly approach for starting tests and navigating/filtering the test reports

Managed by the European Commission Joint Research Centre B6 Unit, the INSPIRE Reference Validator helps data providers, solution providers and national coordinators to check whether data sets, network services and metadata meet the requirements defined in the INSPIRE Technical Guidelines. It allows you to verify that the resources you provide meet the INSPIRE Directive requirements. 

The Validator provides detailed test reports to help implementers understand how well their data, services, metadata or software solutions are doing (or where improvements may be needed). Importantly, validation results from INSPIRE Metadata provide input to INSPIRE Monitoring process that takes place each year in December.

The following ArcGIS tutorials have been recently updated for using the latest INSPIRE Reference Validator:

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