From Manager to Leader Webinar Recording

10-19-2021 07:26 PM
Esri Contributor

(link to access webinar slides)

A GIS leader is usually not associated with a specific job description, position, or title. They can be a manager, analyst, technician, administrator, developer, programmer, or specialist. They lead by example and serve as a partner and adviser who refines and enhances GIS business processes.

If you lead a GIS team—or aspire to—view this recording; it will benefit current and future GIS managers, business and technology strategists, and decision-makers.

In this session we covered the following:

  • Solutions that solve complex geospatial problems
  • Value of domain expertise
  • How to establish a GIS vision, design a road map to get there, and lead the organization on the journey

Here a links to resources that were discussed in this session:

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