Regarding Time zone issue with store which is located at the border of Utah and Arizona

05-05-2023 03:37 AM
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Hello Everyone ,

I am currently working on project where I am facing the issue with time zone for particular store which is located near the border of Utah and Arizona.

The store is receiving the  remote order on MST time zone , instead they should receive on MDT time zone.  

When checked with the store coordinates , they are correct but as it's near to the border it's not taking the Utah time zone ,
Can any one let m know what re the process of upgrading the time zone map in ArcGIS ?
Should we use Google Map Time zone API to solve the problem? and should we write any new code as such ?

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@ManjunathSavalagi very limited info in the question. It will help to include the ArcGIS apps/components in play. Perhaps you can use UTC time to remove dependency on US time zones and then use a converter to localize as needed. 

Ayan Palit | Principal Consultant Esri
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