Control stretch method in an image service

02-07-2013 04:50 AM
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We have a mosaic that we like to publish as an image service.
After looking on the mosaic in desktop we think that the "none" stretch method is the best.
We can publish it as map service and save it to the MXD but we would like it to be image service.
We can drop the statistics but we do not want to do that.
Is there any other way to define the default stretch method for the mosaic or for the image service itself?

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If you want None then set the MosaicDataset Property - Source Types to Processed.
In this case desktop will not apply a stretch to the service by default.

If you want uses to have the option to select a range of different enhancement and have something else as a default then use Raster Function Templates (available in 10.1) that enable a range of functions to be associated with a published image service. You can define a default function to be applied. AS above set the Source Type as Processed to stop Desktop from applying an additional stretch.

Alternatively in ArcMap Options,Raster, Raster Layer there are options to control custom rendering defaults.
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Hi Peter

Thanks for the quick and good answer (as usual).
Can you explain the other options (I could not find a good explanation in the help).
Why this option is not in the Default tab in the mosaic properties?

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