Adjust height of D2Map SceneLayerPackage in Pro

11-04-2018 02:45 PM
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We are using Drone2Map to do rapid site survey where we are less interested in the absolute geo accuracy of the model and more interested in the features/dimensions of the objects we are modelling and/or tying the model into existing medium resolution terrain data.

We are running into an issue where the Scene Layer Package exported from Drone2Map does not allow any adjustment of height when loaded in ArcGIS Pro and so the model is sitting under the terrain (or conceivably, too far above it)- The options under the "Elevation" area of the layer in Pro are set to 'Features are at an Absolute height' with no ability to change to the other options (i.e. adding a cartographic offset or changing to 'Features are: Relative to the ground).

While I understand that for 'survey' you'd want to keep the information at its surveyed height, but our need for timeliness somewhat overrides our need for absolute accuracy- We don't have the time or ability to add surveyed GCPs and, even if we did, we may still need to adjust the XYZ position of the model for visualization purposes.

How can we ensure that the Elevation properties are adjustable in the Scene layer package?

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