Will there be a new GIS 20 book?

03-14-2021 09:51 PM
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We have been using the GIS 20 for our class for the last three years, and the students really like it. Unfortunately, some of the sections no longer work due to changes in ArcMap, the Census Bureau website, and other issues. I have contacted Esri Press and the author and heard nothing back. If there is going to be a version for Pro, that would be great too. Otherwise, we'll need a new book that covers what our students need without taking too much time. I haven't seen anything else I like so far. Anyone know where I can get information on the future of the GIS 20 or an alternate text?

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Hi Barry - I too like this book and have used it.  From what I understand there is no planned update of this book.  However, there are some other new Esri Press books that you might find useful:  https://www.esri.com/books.    Also some of the lessons on the https://learn.arcgis.com library can emulate the short-and-to-the-point lessons that the GIS 20 had at its core.   I hope this helps.

--Joseph Kerski 

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Thanks for the reply. It will be tough to find a book as concise, useful and engaging as the GIS 20. Maybe we'll switch to the online lessons as you suggest. The big question is when we will switch from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro. I know there is a big push to switch, but we need to train our students for what they will be using in local government, and that's still ArcMap at this point.

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