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12-07-2020 04:57 PM
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I am planning to teach an Intro to GIS class (GIS111) at freshman level and hoping to adopt a book that will provide step by step instructions to do common GIS tasks using ArcGIS Online. I have used Getting to Know ArcGIS by Michael Law & Amy Collins from ESRI in my other Intro class that introduces ArcGIS 10.x.

I found ESRI materials and other pdf sources on ArcGIS Online; however, I have yet to find a book specifically on how to use ArcGIS Online that I can use for my freshman class! I am looking for a traditional type of workbook that will have a series of chapters explaining & demonstrating how to do basics GIS operations starting from data display to data query, analysis, and making maps, etc. in ArcGIS Online environment!  

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Great question that does not have a perfect answer unfortunately! I added in my colleague @JosephKerski, because I know he probably has some great suggestions.

The path I would look at going down - is looking at building out a 'digital workbook' from the long list of Learn Lessons: or looking at the 'Learning Plans' to see some of the more modular approaches:

With the rapidly changing nature of the technology, I think it's really difficult to get a traditional printed text with workflow steps, but a lot of these same types of content are kept up to date and relevant on the web a bit easier. If the module is on 'cartography' or 'spatial joins', or another traditional GIS topic, there are a range of good lessons that cover these topics that you could pull from.