Using Story Maps to Narrate Inequality

05-07-2020 11:47 AM
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Hi folks,

As we know, it is important to disrupt narratives attempt to justify inequality with fact-based stories that seek to advance justice. Many people and organizations have and continue to do that important work daily.

What is the role of maps?

What role can and should maps play in sharing stories that shed light on systemic and structural racism and set our sights on a more equitable future?

Who's using Story Maps?

What are some instances where Story Maps is used? I found a handful of examples. Can you all help us find more?

A few Story Maps that in some way shed light on inequality:

Share what you find!

Please share more instances of maps being incorporated into storytelling that disrupt narratives attempt to justify inequality or otherwise seek to advance justice.

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Hello Clinton. I’ve just joined the group. I’m an architect and urban planner and I’m half way to a GIS certificate. I volunteer in Junior League and we just launched a Placement that will work with inequality in many aspects. You gave me a few ideas for work with. Using bike trails as a tool to fight for equality is my dream ! Thanks for sharing! 

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I recently came across these two Story Maps by a historical organization called Prologue DC:

Mapping Segregation in Washington DC - How Racially Restricted Housing Shaped Ward 4

Mapping Segregation in Washington DC - Legal Challenges to Racially Restrictive Covenants

"But African American residents pushed back against racial covenants. The city’s long-established black professional class included prominent civil rights attorneys dedicated to dismantling segregation. Explore these pages to discover the legal battles waged against racial covenants in DC over the course of four decades."


Love how story maps can not only be used to tell stories of the history of oppression but also the history of resistance against it. 

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University of Washington Researcher Jessica Hernandez developed a map of Environmental Justice in the Pacific Northwest last year, as a companion to her published journal article Indigenizing Environmental Justice: Case Studies from the Pacific Northwest. The map "documents the environmental justice cases against or in favor of Coast Salish peoples or territories. It aims to fill the gap in environmental justice pertaining to Native and indigenous communities."

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Wow, thank you so much Ben for sharing this! This work looks amazing. I am going to reach out to Jessica to see if she would like to become involved with this group. Keep sharing great work like this that you know of! - Margot

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Hello Clinton,


Fair housing map? Is it public?




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