Happy GIS Day all!!

11-18-2022 02:29 AM
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I wanted to celebrate this day with my team because GIS Day is when you remember how powerful the idea of “where” truly is, how significant the place we are in, and how we affect and are affected by it.

I left a small note on each desk to celebrate our team's effort and to let them know how truly incredible each and every one of them is. This is to remind them of how far they have come, their perseverance, and all their hard work.




This is also for me to be thankful for the place I am in, and grateful that I am a member of this team.

Please continue being awesome because you are all awesome in your own unique ways and Happy GIS Day, everyone!LeenaAbdulqader_1-1668762648220.pngLeenaAbdulqader_2-1668762648218.pngLeenaAbdulqader_3-1668762648219.png

Leena Abdulqader | Technical Support Analyst
Esri Support Services
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Esri Community Manager

Hi @LeenaAbdulqader,


Thank you for sharing!

What a thoughtful way to show your colleagues how much you truly care and what better way to express it than on GIS Day! Thank YOU for being awesome and spreading such positivity amongst your coworkers and on Esri Community.

Brianna Ettley
Community Manager, Engagement & Content