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11-08-2022 02:34 PM
Esri Community Manager

There are many ways to celebrate GIS Day whether that be in-person or digital. If you are in the process of planning your event or simply want to participate, take a look at 101 Ways to Participate article here.


Here are our top 10 ideas! 

  1. Publish an authoritative dataset, map, or story map so it can be included in ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World and be used by others.
  2. Host a workshop session at your organization to showcase your team's GIS work.
  3. Post a question, event or a GIS Day fun fact to the GIS Day 2022 Forum Board.
  4. Build a top 10 list of things you want to do with GIS in 2023.
  5. Build a story map to promote local businesses (just in time for the holidays).
  6. Share a photo of your GIS team. Share it using #GISDay.
  7. Attend a GIS Day event.
  8. Thank your GIS mentor.
  9. Submit a GIS image for potential use at Jack's Esri UC Plenary Session.
  10. Tell your family and friends about GIS and show the ways in which it’s helping to create a better future.


Brianna Ettley
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