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Zonal Statistics and Tabulate Area using overlapping polygons to Table with Overlapping Polygons

09-19-2012 08:44 AM
New Contributor
Hi All,
I have a shape file with ~ 200,000 polygons that I would like to do zonal statistics on (and also tabulate area) - with two different underlying rasters.

The polygons overlap (they represent daily fire area burned over a 2-month period).

I have tried some of the tools that have been posted on this list, but I get errors every time, and haven't been successful running them. I need help! Since I have 2 months of information (e.g., ~ 60 days), I don't want to separate them and do each individually.

Can anyone help me? (I have ArcGIS10)

Thank you!
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Esri Esteemed Contributor

Perhaps you should consider creating a script that will perform the steps for each of the 60 days separately and combine the results into a single table or featureclass afterwards. 

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