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Write GP Results to Feature Class

04-30-2013 09:38 AM
Esri Contributor

I would like to write the results of a Buffer operation on Feature Class A to an existing Feature Class B where both A and B are on SQL Server. Both A and B are also published as Feature Layers to ArcGIS Server. When I try to build a Model to do this I keep getting errors to do with the fact that the Feature Class B already exists and/or there is a conflict with already established locks on the database.

Is there a recommended approach to doing this?

Any advice appreciated.

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The Buffer tool creates a new feature class to which to output its features, so that might be the reason you're getting the message about Feature Class B already existing? Instead, output the results of your Buffer operation to an intermediate feature class, then use the Append tool ( to append these results to Feature Class B. Check then whether you're still getting messages about locks, and address that separately if you are.
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