Why Am I not receiving the GPDataFile parameter from uploaded file?

03-26-2019 06:13 AM
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I'm building a widget in a WAB template that sends a geotagged photo to a Python toolbox GP service to create a point with the coordinates and attach the photo.

I send the request to upload:

    var requestID = request({
        url: "sampleurl",
        content: { f: "pjson" },
        form: dojo.byId("uploadForm"),
        handleAs: "json"

Receive a successful response:

    Upload Success:  
    {success: true, item: {…}, _ssl: undefined}
    committed: true
    date: 1553539769324
    description: null
    itemID: "i697e97a0-7caa-4bac-9a5f-6e3da8ae8249"
    itemName: "P_20190312_104511_gps_lig.jpg"
    serviceName: "DEMO/UploadPhotoGeo.GPServer"
    __proto__: Object
    success: true
    _ssl: undefined
    __proto__: Object

Then I get the itemID and set the parameters and submit job:

        function (response) {
            console.log("Upload Success: ", response);
            itemID = response.item.itemID;
            nomeItem = response.item.itemName;
            params = {
                "in_x": String(x_decimal),
                "in_y": String(y_decimal),
                "in_z": String(z.valueOf()),
                "in_NIS": null,
                "in_idProcDet": null,
                "in_obs": null,
                "in_upDate": null,
                "in_photoDate": fulldate,
                "in_or": null,
                "in_owner": null,
                "in_att": itemID,
                "in_fn": nomeItem
            var gpJob = gpTask.submitJob(params, completeCallback, statusCallback);
                function (response) {
                    console.log("GP Success: ", response);
                }, function (error) {
                    console.log("GP Error: ", error.message);

In my Python toolbox, this specific parameter is defined as:

    # Eleventh parameter - Attachment
    param10 = arcpy.Parameter(
        displayName="Input Attachment",

And retrieved here:

    foto = parameters[10].valueAsText
    fotoNome = parameters[11].valueAsText
    if (foto <> None):
        arcpy.AddMessage('Foto: ' + str(foto))

But I am receiving a message of a null parameter:

    description: "Foto: None"
    type: "esriJobMessageTypeInformative"
    __proto__: Object

And the script does not create the point or save the photo:

    description: "Gravando foto no drive f: must be string or buffer, not None"
    type: "esriJobMessageTypeInformative"

Am I missing something?

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Well, I feel the duty of warn those trying to use a widget in a WAB template to add a feature and attach a file to it: DO NOT try it with a python toolbox/geoprocessing service. Based on my ill fated experience, it is a HUGE headache compared to JS API. The time spent on trying it was 83 hours against 25 hours in JS API (done).

Just use

                  // post que envia feicao
                  $.post(urlAF, {
                      features: JSON.stringify([feature]),
                      f: "json"
                  .done(lang.hitch(this, function (results) {//post bem-sucedido
                      dom.byId('upload-status').innerHTML = '<p style="color:green">Ponto criado. Adicionando anexo.</p>';

                      // timeout para aguardar results preenchidos e entao anexar arquivo
                      setTimeout(function () {
                          // converte json de resposta em objeto js
                          var resultAF = JSON.parse(results);

                          // converte em integer o objectId
                          oid = parseInt(resultAF.addResults[0].objectId);

                          // Trecho que adiciona anexo se insercao do ponto foi bem-sucedida
                          var featureLayer = new esri.layers.FeatureLayer(url, { outFields: ["*"], visible: false });
                          featureLayer.addAttachment(oid, document.getElementById("uploadForm"), callback, function (err) {
                              console.log(err);//addAttachment falhou
                              dom.byId('upload-status').innerHTML = '<p style="color:red">Erro ao anexar foto. Informe a equipe do SigamGeo.</p>';
                          function callback(result) {//addAttachment bem-sucedido
                              dom.byId('upload-status').innerHTML = '<p style="color:green">Ponto criado e foto anexada.</p>';
                      }, 100);
                  .fail(function (error) {//post falhou
                      dom.byId('upload-status').innerHTML = '<p style="color:red">Erro na criacao do ponto. Tente novamente ou informe equipe do SigamGeo.</p>';

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