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01-17-2019 11:44 AM
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I have a geoprocessing python script that generates a mmpk mobile map with ArcGIS Pro, and updates it in an ArcGIS Enterprices Portal.

The script works perfectly...

But I would like to publish it as a geoprocessing service for an application in a Web app Builder.

When sharing I throw the following error.24032: Data Source  is not registred.

It should be noted that the script without the line of codes to publish in the portal can be shared without problems since all its data are registered.

What the url of the portal observed and the credentials that generate the code for about writing the package assumes them as a space that must be registered.

How could I solve this and be able to publish a geoprocessing service that makes me an mmpk and upadate the one in the portal?


The share package tool only works from the service with online argis not with arcgis entreprice because it does not have a parameter for the url.

Greetings and waiting for your response

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