Warning while appending

01-12-2023 12:22 PM
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In preparation for migrating our water distribution system from geometric network (GN) to utility network (UN), we are adding all of the UN fitting types into our GN fitting domain. When creating several thousand new fitting types, I am unable to add fittings into the existing GN. I have tried both append and copy and paste. The error I am receiving is Warning 000594: Invalid Function Arguments. I have tried various steps from the solutions section below, but still getting errors. One other oddity is that there are about 33,000 new fittings to load, and about 11,000 did load successfully during the initial append. 

My workspace is Enterprise 10.9.1 in ArcGIS Desktop 10.8.2 (has to be in ArcMap because of editing in a GN). 


These specific input features require attention. This often occurs when features are positioned outside the current XY Domain environment. The XY Domain environment sets the allowable coordinate range for x,y coordinates. If a feature falls outside this range, it cannot be added to the output. In addition, with some tools such as Append, which have a target dataset, if the features of the input fall outside the XY Domain of the target, they also will not be added. Similarly, the M Domain and Z Domain limit the coordinate range for m- and z-coordinates.


Check the XY Domain, M Domain, and Z Domain environments, and reset them to Same as Input' if they are too restrictive for your inputs. When using a tool like Append, check the coordinate system of the target dataset, and if unknown, define a coordinate system for the feature class. Also, consider creating a new feature class with a broader x,y domain if the current x,y domain is too restrictive.

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