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WARNING 000405 when using 'Calculate field'

11-27-2014 03:32 AM
New Contributor III

Hi all,

I'm using a Python code block to calculate the azimuths of 11 polylines within a single shapefile. When I run the code block the field calculator it works fine for 8 of the polylines but returns an incorrect result of '0' for 3 polylines. The geoprocessing results give the following reason:


WARNING 000405: No records within table


The polyline shapefile was aquired as a single shapefile data download, so I don't understand why 3 of the polyline features seem to have no records. They don't appear any different in the attribute table, which looks like this:


I doubt it's an error with my code block because I've used this code for many other datasets and not had a problem. Besides it is computing the correct results for the other polylines in this shapefile. But just in case, here is the code:


def GetAzimuthPolyline(shape):

radian = math.atan((shape.lastPoint.X - shape.firstPoint.X)/(shape.lastPoint.Y - shape.firstPoint.Y))

degrees = math.degrees(radian)


if degrees < 0:

  return degrees + 360


  return degrees


The expression applied is:

Azimuth = GetAzimuthPolyline(!shape!)


Can anyone suggest a reason why I'm having this problem?


I'm using Arc 10.1 with the basic licence.



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Esri Esteemed Contributor

Have you looked at the 3 polylines? Do they have a zero length or do their start and end points match? What is their orientation?

Can they be multipart polylines?

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The answers to your questions are: yes I have looked at them; they all have a length that looks correct; the start and end points don't match; they have different orientations (but none should produce azimuths of 0); they're definitely not multipart polylines.

What I've done is to re-download the data and ran the whole process again from the start. This appears to have solved the issue - I'm now getting correct azimuths for every line. Putting it down to a corrupt download for now, I'll keep working on it and get right back on here if the issue reappears!

Thanks again

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Esri Esteemed Contributor

Glad you could resolve your issue.

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