Viewshed Returns no results when published to server

04-07-2014 08:21 AM
New Contributor
I'm getting strange results when publishing a simple Viewshed model.  I can run the model fine from ArcMap or Catalog but as soon as i published it to the server and run it, the tool returns an empty result(Raster with only zero values).  I've tried changing the Output coordinate system for the viewshed tool and it either makes no difference or throws a 99999 error.  I've re projected the input raster into 4 or 5 different projections and formats but all give me the same result.

In the same tool box i have a Line of Sight tool that runs off the same input raster and it runs successfully every time both locally and once published to server.  So im guess what im looking for is any trouble shooting ideas or techniques im overlooking.  Any input would be appreciated.
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