Very (VERY) poor performance with ArcMAP 10.2

07-22-2014 11:26 PM
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Recently, I have been having awful performance with ArcMAP 10.2 It has become so awful, that after loading a basemap, the program becomes unresponsive.


If I click File->Add Data-> Add Basemap->Topographic  then it usually takes about 25 seconds to load the map (if it loads at all.) Most of the time, it just says "Cancelled" in the lower left corner. Nothing will load, the data frame remains blank, and eventually the program will go opaque and say (Not Responding) across the top.


My computer hasn't ever gone past about 10% CPU usage when doing anything with Arc, and my Memory usage is steady at about 3.6gb.


My computer runs all other programs fine (Maschine, Photoshop, Stream, Reaktor, etc).

AMD FX-8350
16gb ram

2-500gb 7200rpm HDD (Raid 0)

Powecolor HD 7970

Windows 7 Home Ultimate



Can I set up an error log to track what da heck is going on? This is quite possibly the buggiest, laggiest program I've ever used.

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Maybe you could use this:

ArcGIS System Monitor?

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Is this observed when you don't load a basemap?  Is it imagery?  (see this link)  I also found a number of links on this site using "basemap slow" as a keyword search

If this is indeed a bug, just file a support request through Support & Services at the top of the page.

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Use the Analyze Map tool to analyze basemap layer for drawing performance.

Troubleshooting issues adding ArcGIS Online basemaps to ArcMap.

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Opened ArcGIS, added basemap, analyzed map. Immediately got code 30003. Changed the scale at which the map draws, and it seems to be more responsive. I also disabled hardware acceleration.

EDIT - 16:28 PST  - I have been using the basemaps in question for about 3 hours now, without any issues.  It looks like the drawing size needed to be constrained. Not sure if disabling hardware acceleration helped as I did both at the same time.But the maps are drawing flawlessly, and it no longer says "Cancelled" in the lower left corner.

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