Very strange issue! A script that used to work just fine now constantly produces only null geometries.

08-18-2020 09:05 PM
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I am having a very strange and troubling issue in using arcpy I have written a script that uses shapefiles created in a separate script. These shapefile have had their geometries read and have been interacted with successfully by other script and in ArcMap. But in the new function, I am writing anything try to do in arcpy only creates empty geometries. The strange part is that everything still works fine in ArcMap, and I have manually completed each task I am trying to get the script to do successfully. I have double, triple, quadruple checked the addresses of each shapefile, and everything is exact. In addition, I copy and pasted a snippet of code I use frequently in a different script and within the current script, none of the arcpy functions produce anything.

There are no error messages, only null geometry. I am quite confused and going a bit crazy about what could be going on here, and am at a loss for ways to approach it.

Has anyone else encountered simular difficulties? If so what was wrong? I would really appreciate it.

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Xavier Nogueira‌could you use


so that the syntax can be tested and line numbers applied to the code

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