Vector Weighted Overlay Analysis???

12-22-2011 07:39 AM
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Is there a method to utilize a weighted functionality using vector data?  I have exact polygons that would overlay perfectly, I simply would just like to assign them weights instead of going through the arduous task of converting to raster, reclassifying, and running the weighted overlay tool... 
Thanks in advance for your thoughts!!!
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It sounds like your polygons have the same outer bound, but are the inner boundaries identical?  (For example, counties)  Or are they varied by data type?  If they are all identical, use a spatial join and combine attributes.  If not, you would need to union the lot and then use spatial join.

All that bother can be avoided by converting to raster...  Instead of using the weighted overlay tool, use a numeric field to hold your weights; then use the raster calculator to get the weighted output.
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On the vector side, to do this kind of modeling you need to combine the datasets using a tool like Intersect or Union -- the data need to all be in the same table. Then you could use Calculate Field to convert your attributes to weights and calculate a score in a single calculation.