Using Intersect Tool with One Layer

06-24-2020 05:57 AM
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Hello again! I'm trying to find the duplicates in one shapefile using the Intersect tool. It works great, but I'd love to know how to get it to tell me WHICH unique ID is the one that it intersects with. The selected features in the picture are the ones that are duplicates, but I'm not sure how to transfer over to Excel so I can show which ID is the duplicate. 

I'd like my final example to look like this:

UniqueID      Duplicate Value ID      Duplicate Value ID 2

9216               9366                              9490

Really, I'd only need the first duplicate value returned if that's easier. Anyone know how to accomplish this? Thanks so much!

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Do you have an advanced license?

Find Identical—Data Management toolbox | Documentation 

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I do. I think Spatial Join solved my problem, but I'm going to try the find identical as well. Thank you!

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Hi Lindsey Winn,

Unfortunately there isn't one distinct id that intersect as they are all overlappying by the sounds of it.

As Dan mentioned you could use the Find Identical, and if you want to remove the duplicates you can use the Delete Identical tool.

Delete Identical—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop 

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Thank you! Good idea, I'll try this!

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